Hornady AP LNL Bushing/Die Storage Tray



Organize and safely store your Hornady AP LNL Bushings with dies, shell plates an shell holders on the bench top or in a watertight Plano 1312 field box.  This Storage Tray holds 10 Lock-N-Load bushings with dies, 2 shell plates and 2 shell holders.

Note: Price is for tray only.  Bushings, dies, shell plates, shell holders and Plano 1312 field box not included.


Eliminate clutter and free up valuable space on your reloading bench with this tough Acrylic tray that conveniently and safely holds 10 Lock-N-Load bushings with dies, two shell plates and two shell holders.  Perfect for bench top storage or as an added bonus, it fits perfectly in a watertight Plano Model 1312 Field Box for the ultimate storage and protection solution.

The rugged design combined with durable Acrylic plastic results in an attractive storage tray that is guaranteed to provide many years of service.

Measures:  9.2″L x 3.9″W x 1.87″ H.

H = Tray height, measure the distance from the bottom of the bushing flange to the end of the longest die that extends below the bushing and if it is less than 1.87″ then this tray will work for you.




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